I am still a “beginner” but I absolutely …

Comment posted So…you wanna sweat? by Jessie.

I am still a “beginner” but I absolutely love the time I spend at the gym. If I had to go without for a while I think I would feel lost.

I will let you know tomorrow where you can pick up this certificate

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  • awwww muffin, I would have given it to you if you could have used it ouy in Florida.

    Perhaps I will just buy you some pictures for your shack instead.


  • So Chris is coming over today to pick up his gift certificate!!!

    I’m glad that it will be put to good use!

  • I most definatly was there last night, I got there at 6pm and left just before 9pm. So if you were at the West Edmonton Mall location around that time, you probably saw me around.


    The gift certificate is yours. Email me at Heaven_leigh01@hotmail.com (that’s zero, one)

  • You’re right, it IS addictive.

    You are definatly passionate about your health and your body…that inspires me.
    You come across as someone that is extremely motivated and determined, and someone that overcomes because he isn’t afraid to try. Staying in shape can be just as difficult as getting in shape. It takes dedication, something that you are not lacking.

    To be fair, I will have to wait until The 15th, but I would like nothing more than to give this to you.

  • It most definatly is still available!!!

    A few questions for you…
    What kinds of things are you doing right now to keep yourself in shape?
    How often would you use the facilities?
    Would this become a staple in your lifestyle?

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    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA holy crap.

    Like I said in my email…There is NO such thing as coincidence….

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  • I’m officially MORE than frustrated!!!
    It’s funny actually.
    I removed a meal from my plan not even thinking that I was actually reducing my caloric intake….so like Michele said “starving myself”…

    I have put that last meal back into my plan and just decided to start eating earlier in the morning. I have also added more calories (the 200 that Rob suggested) in the form of lean protein.

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    It’s all in the details…it’s allllllllllll in the details.

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    That seriously looks like so much fun.
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