Manifesting tips that work

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to manifest exactly what we want isn’t it? However, I get a lot of clients that tell me they just don’t get it, or it’s not manifesting quick enough. But the one comment I get the most is that people tend to want to pick apart the simplicity of it and make it hard? “Is that really it, they say?” Why would the Universe want to make it any harder? Let me share with you a few manifesting tips that I have learned.

What you have to realize when you are manifesting something is that you have just asked the most powerful source in all of eternity for what you want. This very source that is full of love and happiness for giving us exactly what we are asking for. It’s like ordering out of a catalog. Picture the pages in that book! Think about this for a minute. When you order something from a catalog or online, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are going to receive it, right! So, when you order something from the greatest source there is, what makes you doubt that you will get that too?

How To Manifest Anything You Want

Hey look, I’ve been there. But here are a few keys I have learned an taught that work beautifully for everyone.

Ask, Believe, Expect and Recieve

You ask for what you want, then just believe that you are going to get it.

Let It Go

You have already done what is required of you. Now go to a place in your mind everyday and have fun with your thoughts about what you will do and how you will feel once you receive it. The Universe is going to pick up on those thoughts and vibrations and say “Oh, Look! That is what makes them feel good! Let’s just bring them more of that!”

Play With Your Thoughts

I can’t say it enough, PLAY PLAY PLAY with your thoughts. The more you play and really feel what it will be like when you have what you are wanting, the more the Universe is going to feel that. The better your vibration the more ATTRACTION and quicker it will come. Stop making all of this so hard. It’s really easy.

Don’t Be Concerned With How It’s Going To Work

Once you have placed your order (your thoughts) FORGET ABOUT IT. Let the Universe handle the rest.

What we all need to do is to stop trying to control everything especially the HOW. If we can simply let go of the HOW life would be so much easier. The Universe has a million ways it can bring us what we are wanting, but, if we keep thinking that it can only come from one source or two then it makes it harder for Universe to bring that about. Let the Universe do it’s job! It knows the quickest, easiest, and most direct path to get something to you. So let go of the hows.

This is just part of what I teach all of my clients and I would not teach it if I haven’t already done it myself. Here is a story for ya. We had an unexpected bill come in that was for $175. I needed to replace it, and in a hurry. Well, I stood in my living room and said “How am I going to replace that so quickly? Oh, forget it, I know I will have it.” and I let it go. I just didn’t worry about it. The very next day I received a check in the mail for $192 from somewhere I lived a year and a half ago. I didn’t even know they owed me any money. So that just goes to show you that anything is possible and it can come from anywhere, anyhow.

So manifest away my good people, Have fun letting go. Play with your thoughts all you can! Place your orders! Then let the Universe respond. Just give it a try. Then write to me and let me know how it worked for you.

Remember: ASK, BELEIVE, EXPECT, and RECEIVE. Until next time…. Blessings!

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  1. I am getting quite good with manifestation.

    I copied Rob a bit with his mickey mouse manifestations, only instead of mickey I have made mine Marvin the Martain. hahaha.

    This is something that is out of context on a day to day basis and for the past 3 days I have seen him at LEAST once a day!!!

    The law of attraction is having a deep emotional impact on me, so much that I have designed a caligraphy tattoo that reads….”Believe…Receive”. It will be placed around my wrist as a permanent piece of jewellry.

  2. I like how you say to play with your thoughts. The word “play” to me means having fun and giggling. What a great way to build my future!

  3. Hello! I would like everyone to look at this as playing for that very reason. It enables you to achieve that childlike frame of mind, when magic was wonderful and your imagination had no bounds. Thanks for the comment I am thrilled you like it! Blessings!

  4. I am so happy and grateful that the LOA is having a wonderful effect in your life. There is more to come. Keep manifesting and keep playing! I just love to hear that it is working in others lives as well. Blessings!

  5. Great article Kandace! It does work and the biggest part is to LET GO!!! I know I can get hung up on that one at times. But when I do let go everything falls into place!!!


  6. Wow, Believe… Receive


    I was telling Jessie how I like to have fun manifesting Mickey Mouse. I just decide that I want to seem him when I’m traveling and poof, he appears somewhere.

    The Universe knows not the difference between Big and Small… it’s we that limit ourselves into thinking some things are Bigger than others.

    Mickey is just my way of having fun with this and knowing that it works, then applying it to things that are of a little more importance to me like “the right people”, the “right information” and the “right connections” that I want to get what I want.

    I keep my eyes and ears open for signs of what I’m needing to know.

    I Love My Life

  7. I liked the idea of Mickey Mouse so I picked Peppy La Pew (the romatic skunk that fell in love with a cat that he thought was a skunk)…I still chuckle thinking of that cartoon sketch…On my mornings walk, I wondered if thinking about Peppy was going to make me cross a skunks path…so suddenly I am saying, “No Peppy La Pew….NO Peppy La Pew!” But from what I understand of the Universe, it doesn’t understand yes or no, it just understand the thought/feeling…I got home thinking, “Damn, I am lucky I didn’t get sprayed!” :)

  8. I think that is too funny. I like the animated characters and your uses for it. I gotta try that. I hope you don’t run into any skunks though. LOL! Have a beautifully blessed day!

  9. Kandace, I’m very careful about the words I use when I ask for what I want. Most people say things out of habit not realizing that they’re asking for them

    my dad used to say “I’ll be Damned” as a way of expression and after I learned about the power that words have, it hit me like a ton of bricks when I said it.

    I now catch myself after it slips out and I say “cancel that” which cancels that wish and I replace it with

    “I am successful” – present tense

    I do the same thing with the word “can’t”

    Can’t does not exist. “Choose not to” is more appropriate and adds accountability… that WE are responsible for what we attract into our life.

    instead of turning off my brain with the words “I can’t”… I choose to turn on my brain and ask the Universe for assistance by saying “How Can I?”

    “How can I afford that?”… “How can I make time for that?”… etc

    you’ll be writing about the power of words I”m sure

  10. Hey Rob,
    Very cool point. Some people don’t realize the power in words, for the power in our words is the thought in our mind. Great tips, I’m happy and grateful you added and shared. Love ya!

  11. I have another one.

    I was teaching / facilitating a Wizard Camp in the Alberta Rockies and we were overwhelmed with mosquitoes. Everyone was running and swatting full time. You could not stand still for them.

    I decided to focus on what I wanted instead of the Mosquitoes and because I was facilitating a course on Manifestation, I involved the students (aged 14 to 80).

    I began to describe them as Dragonfly Food instead of Mosquitoes. I had my students close their eyes and imagine dragonflies coming to raise their young here because of the abundance of food.

    I instructed them to look for Dragonflies everywhere and when they saw them, to point them out to another student and give thanks and be grateful for the beautiful dragonflies.

    by the following week when Enlightened Warrior Training Camp started, there were TONS of Dragonflies and very few mosquitoes.

    In fact, during one “information session” I was giving, a dragonfly came right up to me, hovered in front of me for about 15 seconds as if to say “hello, you asked for me and my children, well here I am… thanks for getting the word out that there was lots of Dragonfly food here”, then he flew off

    I Love My Life

  12. Love the dragon fly thing. To tell you the truth I have been manifesting with such powerful intent for the past couple of days. Something I will talk to you about later but IT”S WORKING! by the way, I love dragon flies. Blessings!

  13. Dragonflies hey?

    I have a half sleeve tattoo design (yep, I’m all about the body ink) that has 8 dragonflies in it. It is my reward for my first 50 pounds.

    yep, it’s official…I’m freakin out over here.

    There is no such thing as coincidence

  14. That is so cool! I have always thought about getting a tattoo. Justin my fiance’ has alot of tattoos. Good for you girl. You go for it! Let me know if you see any interesting dragonflies. Blessings!

  15. I was quite adept at manifesting a few years ago, but gave up the practice when I had everything I wanted. I didn’t know how to want for more. Suddenly, within the last month, my finances have begun to take a turn, so I thought I should reinvest a few minutes a day on creating some financial abundance to add to my otherwise full life and lifestyle.

    So last week I began setting aside my belief that poverty is more spiritual than abundance. Who I am has evolved so much since that belief was important to me nearly 30 years ago.

    Over the ensuing years, I came to understand that the belief in the need to “be” spiritual didn’t make sense for me. At some point, I had assumed the belief that I am a spirit walking in the flesh. This being, I can’t not be “spiritual”. This has opened my life dramatically and changed the terms of the reality I created so many years ago.

    Still, there was this little thing about money and a cash flow problem that popped up. I haven’t faced that for quite so long, I wondererd if my skills would stand by me. We recently found ourselves needing $45,000 by the end of the month. We just didn’t have it to spare. The cash would have to come from a source dedicated to a specific objective (part of our estate plan).

    This morning, my husband (who is retired) was talking to the benefits person from his former employer. He was asking why the $1,000 death benefit was so expensive (at $35.00 per month)

    $1,000.00? The man said. Your benefit is for $65,738.52, and it is growing. Suddenly we were free to cover the short term cash flow problem knowing that the anticipated need is more than covered from this unexpected source.

    It’s a beginning. Silly me for thinking that this ability needed constant practice, as if I were learning how to play the piano.

    I am so glad that I so many others are discovering this wonderful way to live a life. There was a time that I was very much alone in my knowledge.

  16. Beautiful Gail. I’ve had a similar experience. Wanting $5000 for a lucrative investment, I had a visit to my financial advisers and money fund managers. I was about to walk out the door when I mentioned that I would like someone to tell me about the life insurance policies I had.

    They put me in touch with another adviser.

    Just as I was walking out the door, he said in passing that I could borrow against the money I had in those funds.


    $5000+ available to invest in a very good opportunity.

    I was literally walking out the door when he mentioned it in passing.

  17. My husband and I had just taken a course called “creating money” and it was all about manifesting. We didn’t really believe it but said we would give it a try. The teacher told us just wait and you will find money coming unexpectantly from sources you don’t even know about.

    Well, long story short, it was early December and we needed to pay the IRS 6,750 by the end of the year. How will we get it? We didn’t know. We asked the universe for it, believing we would receive it as best we could. About a week later my husband called me at work and said “are you sitting down?” He had just opened the mailbox and there was a check for $6,650 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a lawyer and had referred a personal injury case to another lawyer several years previously..He had forgotten about it and yes, that was his referral fee, coming at the exact time we needed it in nearly the exact amount needed….we were floored….

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