Right on brother, you’re f**in’ killin’ it now! …

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right on brother, you’re f**in’ killin’ it now!

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    Right now I have a mentoring program where I allow a Coach / Trainer to spend an entire day with me or a full weekend, and we cover all my methods, answer all their questions and have them observe and / or join in on some workouts I take my clients through.

    If someone wanted a weekend get away to train with me for their own personal training I would do the same – the entire weekend would be geared towards their needs.

    But, like all my other programs, I would screen the person before acceptance to make sure I don’t have someone coming that I do not want to work with.

    In the corporate world, businesses send their employees away for weekend retreats and “growth weekends” – some call it self improvement, whatever you call it, it can be a very powerful time for someone to grow from within as well as on the outside.

    My training has a HUGE mental component to it and that’s because I have experienced first hand what a poor psychology can do to your performance, regardless of how “perfect” your training methods are.

    Dr. Gene Landrum has a book titles ‘The Superman Syndrome’ which is all about becoming more than what you are.

    In essence, you have to stop being what you are to become more than what you are!

    I use this on myself and I will teach anyone else who is ready to learn this powerful information!

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    Rob, most of our clients tend to train here 2 – 3 x week. I like to give them freedom to train on their own another 2 or 3 x week, this gives them opportunity to test their self motivation, their drive and their commitment to stay on track.

    We sometimes train in the gym, other times we train in the parking lot, more often than not we move back and forth from the parking lot to the gym.

    The parking lot offers us more room to move, which is critical – we don’t just want to be nailed down to lifting weights or performing calisthenics.

    before my gym we would use playgrounds and parks, open fields, long flights of stairs and anywhere else we could find.

    The schedule of training is always separated, so we never train 2 days in a row, if we have to, that 2nd day is a lighter day revolving around bodyweight, bands and lighter sled training.

    for the most part though, the workouts are pretty tough :)

    if we want results, easy just doesn’t cut it!


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    Rob – I’m so busy now that distance training isn’t an option for me anymore. I reccomend people who cna not see me in person to simply become a member at http://UndergroundStrengthCoach.com – it’s way cheaper than a phone or monthly e mail consult with me, and to be honest, it offers so much more because the education is always evolving on my site.

    I am always updating and posting on the forum.

    My own knowledge is always evolving as well, so as I learn more, my members learn more. It’s on me to continually learn and I love to give back what I have found to work as well as what doesn’t work!

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    I take athletes, average or great, it doesn’t matter their current capabilities, and I transform them into extraordinary and dominant through unique physical and mental training methods, which I like to call “Underground training.”

    So, naturally, the next question is, ‘What is “Underground Training?”

    Underground training is NOT following the rules. Much of my info came through trial and error on myself, and through the years the information gets better and better as I become more educated and more experienced with all my athletes.

    Our methods are a mixture of strongman training, powerlifting, gymnastics / calisthenics / natural body movements and we mold them together.

    There is a science to this training, and my methods are definitely inspired by the old Eastern Bloc countries.

    Of course, the 2nd part would not be explained to someone at the party, ha ha.

    One thing is for sure, our training is NOT for everyone. I turn away a lot of people who are not committed to the required efforts and I turn away people who tell me they are lazy and unmotivated. That cancels them out right away, we have no room for lack mentality here.

    It sounds harsh, but, as a business owner and a coach, I like to do things my way and I don’t think I should run my business with people who will bring me down and worst of all, bring down my other clients!

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    This was something I dabbled in since I was a late teen. I was hevaily involved in bodybuilding and I would always train friends, younger wrestlers that I knew and some family friends.

    It was nothing serious, but something that I always did for fun.

    But, what REALLY got me heated and got me to dive in deep was after I tore my ACL while training in grappling.

    I was so fired up after my surgery that I wanted to help other combative athletes avoid all my mistakes. I studied everything I coud get my hands on and still do, especially all materials that is from the old Eastern Bloc countries.

    I started training athletes in my Dad’s garage and backyard right after my knee surgery.

    I was charging $ 5 an hour and we were using a 300 lb barbell set plus anything in my Dad’s backyard: stones, tree logs, bodyweight and a sledge hammer.

    That’s where it all began!